Breakthrough Advantage
in Business and Life

BrainWays Training & Development offers strategies and tools designed to help you and your employees achieve high performance, success, and engagement at work. Our unique approach is especially designed to reduce the resistance to change that we all strongly feel when dealing with mindset issues. Our practical tools and experiential approach ease and improve implementation, creating many breakthroughs that stick for years. We invite you to get to know us better.

Business + Brain Science = Bottom Line Profits

BrainWays Training programs integrate disparate discoveries of leading neuroscientists and transform them into 21st century leadership tools and solutions for your workplace. These tools help teams, workplaces, and organizations become more powerful, profitable, fun, and effective than ever before. Never before has material from neuroscience, psychology, physics, and human behavior been integrated this way for the workplace.

BrainWays Training + Accounting

Gain a breakthrough advantage in your industry with training that is designed to unlock the hidden potential of your team. With talent shortages looming, it’s even more important to discover new approaches to high performance, and breakthrough leadership. This approach delivers. Find out more: http://brainwaystraining.com/services/accounting-programs/

BrainWays Training + Health Care

The science is crystal clear: the emotional state of patients greatly affects their health and recovery. The question is, how do we leverage something that’s so volatile as emotions to positively impact health outcomes and speed recoveries? Learn more about our health care programs: http://brainwaystraining.com/services/health-care-programs/

BrainWays Training + Positive Aging

Our highly interactive training, Positive Aging Strategies from Neuroscience, delivers a toolbox full of ready-to-implement techniques, tips, and practices designed specifically for anyone who works with seniors or who wants to learn about the science of delaying aging. Learn more here. http://brainwaystraining.com/services/positive-aging-strategies/

“…Nothing short of revolutionary.” Mark Craig, Business Support Manager, BancTec

“…Real life answers to current business questions.”
Treavor L. Mellott, Sr. Quality Analyst, Neiman Marcus Group

“Truly mind-altering and behavior-awakening.” L. G. Swift, City of Fort Worth

“One of the most enlightening and applicable seminars I have attended in some time.” Cheryl Dunlop

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